For Colin & Geraldine…

For Colin & Geraldine…


To counter-act yesterday’s poem about sadness, today we are gathered here to send our biggest Well Wishes and Congratulations to Colin Dardis & Geraldine O’Kane, who have been pioneers in the Poetry scene(PoetryNI) in Northern Ireland for the last 10+years and as of tomorrow will be man and wife! They have shown us nothing but support on our Poetry endeavor and have promised us to do their best to attend, given that its just 5 days after their wedding! Nonetheless, we would love to have you both there. So without further ado, I give you a Wedding Poem!

Wedding Day

As you begin your lives together
Remember all the ways
You told each other how you felt
In the early days

Capture all the moments
And hold them in your soul
As you join yourselves together
To make a perfect whole

When hard times come upon you
Take these memories out once more
Stand together both united
And show trouble out the door

Know that each supports the other
In the good times and the bad
Take time to love one another
And don’t make each other sad

Put this up on your kitchen wall
To always remember the way
To be as happy and in love
As you are on this, your Wedding Day!

We hope you both have a fantastic day, enjoy every  single minute and we hope to be introducing you as the new Mr & Mrs Poetry NI in just 6 days time at Poemdemonium! We are also looking forward to casually stalking Facebook tomorrow for all the wedding pics!

*Poem has no known author but was sourced from this website:



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